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This is an exchange forum where people living in or visiting Central Portugal can swap ideas and articles or even services. It is not intended to be a sales forum.
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 Over a year on this forum so I decisded to say Hi

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Location : Alvaiazere
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PostSubject: Over a year on this forum so I decisded to say Hi   Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:56 pm

Hi Everyone

Been on this forum for over a year and never actually introduced myself. Many of you may well know me but not by my online name.

I live near Alvaiazere and have two kids, both fluent Portuguese speakers better than I will ever be. Also married best not forget the wife!!

This years projects are to finish building a pirate ship and grow a lawn I think the pirate ship may be easier.

I have an extensive book collection a large amount of which are horror and thrillers although I can usually find something for anyone. If anyone fancies a book swap, I am quite happy to exchange reading material.
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Over a year on this forum so I decisded to say Hi
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